Thank you for your interest in joining Artism Creativity Center as a student. We would love to have the opportunity to watch your children grow and accompany them in their artistic and developmental journeys.


We accept students ages 4-13 that are anywhere on the autism spectrum. In order to join our program, your child must be able to sit still and demonstrate an ability to follow one-step directions. Because parental involvement is crucial, parents must be willing to dedicate time at home to work with their student on assignments.


All services provided by Artism are FREE of charge, though parents may be asked to buy their own art supplies for their students’ projects.


Monthly group lessons (total of 11): The group class is once a month. The art adviser, as well as all volunteers and students, attend this session and work together. The group class usually is held on one Saturday every month.

Monthly volunteer and student one to one class: In a one on one class, the student will meet with the volunteer in a public area to continue to work on assignments.

Autism Awareness Month Event: We hold various annual events in April, which is Autism Awareness Month.


Artism Creativity Center will never, at any time, release any personal information about the student or parents unless permission is granted.